There are many times when the atmosphere inside your home is stuffy and you want to leave the front door open to let in some fresh air, but there is always the risk of allowing easy access for thieves to come in and steal valuable things. To overcome this problem, you can always install custom security screen doors that allows light and air in but keeps intruders out. The type of door that you need will depend on the level of security that you require. If you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate then you will want the best option out there but if you just want to give an appearance of security a cheaper option will also suffice. These screen doors can be made out of steel, aluminum, metal alloy or a combination of all these materials.  Aluminum and metal alloy doors are wider than the standard door and are weaker than steel but aluminum is resistant to rust and also the most expensive. Steel doors are the strongest and comparatively cheaper and can be made rust resistant if powder coated. Security screen door are also sealed when they are installed to help keep the insects out and usually do this by using a foam tape that sticks around the door.

There are many benefits of installing security screen doors:

1) They increase the security of your home as they have a stronger design and frame as compared to normal doors and also have secure and non-removable hinges. They increase your peace of mind as they will deter any criminals who may be monitoring your house in order to rob it. They reduce the chances of theft as the can be easily seen and intruders will not risk taking a long time trying to break in through these doors.

2) They help maintain privacy as the thick mesh prevents prying neighbors and passer-byers from looking in. You, on the other hand get a clear view of the outside and can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity as well.

3) They increase the value of your property and help make a good first impression as it can be customizing to compliment the style of your house and adds to its aesthetics.

4) They help keep the insects out especially in warmer weather while allowing fresh air in at the same time. You can also prevent any dust or debris from entering your house on a windy day.

5) They allow in natural light and create a feeling of spaciousness inside the house. The wire mesh also improves ventilation and prevents molds from growing inside while getting rid of stale air.

6) When you want to sell your house, these doors will actually help in increasing the sale price as it helps make your house look more appealing to buyers.

7) Your comfort level increases as you know there is extra security in place while you enjoy the natural air and light without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.